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Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Manual

The Project...

TRANSIS staff carried out the elaboration of the Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Manual for UNNA Infraestructura. The objective of this manual was to assure a safe and fluent vehicle movement as well as a good road safety level for the road workers and other road users throughout the road work zones.

For the making of this manual TRANSIS used as international manuals as sources such as the MUTCD. Aspects such as safety distance, devices to use, signaling, among others were extracted and compiled. This work was then validated by our experienced field engineers. 

At the end of the service our team presented a manual with sections that contained technical specifications, devices for TTC, road sign dimensions, typical diagrams, among others. Note that TRANSIS presented typical diagrams for each road work type, whether it's routine maintenance or a larger scale job, for every concesioned road belonging to UNNA Infraestructura.

December 2022

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