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Road Safety Inspection - Pasamayito

The Project...

TRANSIS staff carried out a road safety inspection for the road Pasamayito, which connects the districts of Comas and San Juan de Lurigancho. The main objective for this inspection was to analyze the possibility to implement public transport along this route. After a detailed analysis, our team identified more than 250 deficiencies such as: signaling, guardrails, horizontal and vertical geometric design, and the compatibility among these. As a result, TRANSIS concluded that public transport should not be allowed and the safety recommendations should be implemented as soon as possible.

November 2022

  • Guardrail absence on turn

  • Vertical alignment with limited visibility

  • Horizontal alignment does not allow buses to transit without invading the opossing lane

  • Vertical slopes exceed 8% and some reach values up to 16%

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